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Российский навигационный сервер предназначен для того, чтобы:

1.Inform users on existing international agreements, russian legislation, as well as function and authority worker organ in sphere of the navigations.

2. Realize monitoring the interest of the users and provider of the navigational systems and services to different information resource.

3. Present system information on existing company, instrument and device, allowing select navigational facilities on base of the working requirements, rather then way of the casual choice from technical novelty.

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About future systems GLONASS

About future systems GLONASS Last week took place meeting the president to Russian Federation Vladimira Putina with vice-chairman Government secretary of defense Sergeem Ivanovym, on which, in particular, went

New purposes in Roskosmose

The new chiefs of management Roskosmosa Order of the leader Federal cosmic agency A.N are Nominated. Perminova on job title of the chief of governing the facilities of the removing, overland cosmic infrastructure and кооперационных

Negotiations managament Roskosmosa with delegation of the South Korea

The Chapter Roskosmosa was met with delegation of the South Korea on January 23 in building Federal cosmic agency passed the negotiations of the leader Roskosmosa Anatoliya Perminova with delegation of the South Korea. Korean delegation has

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